Benefits of Honey . . . yes and no.



I’ve had several customers in the last couple of weeks come into the store asking for local honey for allergy relief.  I decided to research this a little more and unfortunately found a study that contradicts this, detailed in this NY Times article.

Does that mean you should stop using honey?  Not at all!!!  Honey is pretty amazing even without allergy relief.  According to the Encyclopedia of Healing Foods “The health benefits of a particular honey depends on its processing as well as the quality of the flowers the bees utilize when collecting the pollen. Raw honey is honey that has not been pasteurized, clarified or filtered, and this form typically retains more of the healthful phytochemicals lost to the standard processing of honey.”  So, what are these benefits?  “Honey . . . is a rich source of phenolic compounds, such as flavonoids, that exert significant antioxidant activity.”  Honey is also a great source of quick energy, and is thought to have wound-healing properties.

Honey can also last for centuries! But why? Larry Krengel says “The nectar brought to the hive by the bees is about 60% water. The bees ‘cure’ it to about 18-19% water. At this level of water and with a pH of 3-4, the honey is very stable”. If your honey crystallizes, just put the jar in a pan of warm water until the crystals disappear.

With all that said, make sure to check out one of our newest local vendors: Heavenly Honey. It’s all natural, pure, raw, and local!


Heavenly Honey Image

Heavenly Honey Orange Blossom "Spice Jar"

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